Seeking Help On Compulsive Gambling Addiction Through Emails

Over the past year I have received a significant number of emails seeking help in their battle against compulsive gambling addiction. My goal was to help others who were going through what I went through. I have read every email received from around the world. I realized that people affected by gambling addiction needed help and they wanted it now.I received emails from teenagers to seniors, family members and friends all looking for a solution. I also received emails from high school parents looking for statistical information, reporters from around the world, talk shows and political parties. I was amazed that people were finally realizing that compulsive gambling addiction was negatively affecting our society.Based on the information in the emails I have learned that people are very similar around the world. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, we all have feelings, emotions and a desire to live a better life.I have also received a few hostile emails from compulsive gamblers lashing out at the world. These are people who have lost all their financial resources, trust, family and friends and had no where to go. This at first was the most difficult emails to handle. As time went on I began to understand what they were looking for and through this process we have become comrades in our battle against gambling addiction.Then there were individuals who emailed me and used the words I can’t go on living like this anymore. These emails concerned me the most. I always responded “If you are feeling depressed or suicidal you should go and talk it out. There are emergency hotlines, family doctor, friends, relatives and other professionals who can help you get through this period in your life. I also shared with them others who felt the same way. As each day passed and they started their recovery their self esteem increased and their desire to live increased.Then I received emails from gamblers anonymous members upset by some of my articles. These emails I enjoyed because I knew people were listening. To set the record straight Gamblers Anonymous is wonderful for the people that they have helped and continue to help. The GA program has a lot to offer those that are willing to participate in a twelve step program. Compulsive gamblers need to find a program that works for them. It just so happens that a large percentage of the emails I receive are from people who tried Gamblers Anonymous and were unsuccessful. People involved in gambling addiction recovery programs need to be very realistic and open minded. I received one email from a person who replaced his gambling addiction with exercise. He told me that it’s been eighteen months now and his life has completely turned around. Other emails I received were from people who were able to stop on their own, but their friend was not able to.Companies who are involved in gambling addiction recovery programs should all work together. We also have different approaches to helping people with their gambling addiction but the one thing in common. We are all here to help people rebuild their lives in order for them to have a brighter future. It’s time to work together.You can read some of these emails at my website.